Produces and distributes innovative and high-precision products around tools. As a manufacturer of tool holders, multilingual trade has been established for many years due to high innovation and above-average quality in the national and international markets.
Guhring, the guarantee of major equipment manufacturers and industrial and commercial distributors and Guhring users, branded products purchased from the company that any new product will be free of defects in materials and work. The only obligation of the company in this warranty is limited to providing, at no additional cost, replacement or, if desired, repair or credit for any goods that within one year from the date of sale by the company, prepaid shipping to the warehouse by the company representative It is determined and during the inspection by the company it is determined that it is not defective in terms of materials or performance
Yamada Tools is a manufacturer of precision cutting tools, specializing in research, development, production and sales. As a leading domestic precision cutting tool company, it has high precision and high performance solution specialists, products are widely used in automobile, air Space, precision used electronics industry and other precision machining industries.
Somta Tools specializes in designing and manufacturing standard and custom tools for industrial markets and "do it yourself". Product categories can be summarized as drills, cutters, primers, thread tools and tools that are made in a wide range of sizes, using different materials (HSS and solid carbide) and PVD surface coatings to increase wear life.
In July 2017, the project "Technological evolution of the production line of precision carbide cutting tools" was listed in the third category of Make Hunan Strong. In July 2017, Huarui was considered as a new material manufacturing company. Its standalone product HARDSTONE, winner of the 2017 Ringier Technology Innovation Award, is the only domestic company to receive the award in China.